Changing Perspective

There are many different perspectives from which we can interpret our existence. This has always been the case, as we can witness the differing interpretations throughout the historic narrative. We can also notice a lack of consistency throughout the various cultures that populate the planet at the same time. In other words, it’s a fallacy to assume that there’s a concrete indisputable interpretation of reality. It’s also a mistake to assume that humanity is progressing towards a clearer more accurate viewpoint of reality — people simply replace one hazy dream with another.

Additionally, the perspective we adopt significantly affects our personal satisfaction with life. For instance, I spent many decades cultivating the life-is-physical/random/evolved viewpoint, yet I found it unsatisfying. Not too long ago I dumped it in favor of a simulation-based viewpoint. And I must say, that change has done wonders for my happiness. For me, the circumstances of life are no longer random and chance-based, they’re planned in a benevolent way for my amusement. I have no fear on a path made just for me — I’m nurtured and protected along the way.

My anxiety went from high to low. I no longer experience life at high-intensity, it’s just a tour through the funhouse. I still get startled at times, but I know it’s all in good fun. Just imagine the entirety of people with wildly varying beliefs surviving all the same — how we define the basis of reality hasn’t mattered. Yet, it’s in our best interest to cultivate a viewpoint that elicits the most happiness. If we’re going to live out a life no matter what, we might as will be happy while doing so. And from experience, I can say that crafting a pleasant foundation for our perspective makes all the difference.

However, it’s not necessarily easy to flip from one viewpoint to another, it takes practice. For instance, I repeat these sentiments again and again, drilling them until they become my default. And, I practiced meditation for quite awhile until I had the awareness to catch and deflect all the undesirable thoughts streaming through my mind. We have to discover and refine a viewpoint, then keep our eyes pointed in that direction. An epiphany isn’t worth much without the follow-up — If we stare at obstacles, we’ll run right into them — Seek a satisfying perspective, then strive to maintain focus.

Lucid Life

I’m dreaming.
I am the dreamer, both source and subject.
As source, I am one with all.
As subject, I play a role like any other.
Through existential amnesia, I am an audience to this creation.
This is a dreamworld, a virtuality, a place of pure imagination.
It’s but a dream, a fictional tale.
There’s no need to wake up, just remain aware.
Once lucid I can influence the mood, setting the tone.
No longer lost I orchestrate harmony.
Shadows of fear dissolve from my illumination.
I am free to have fun, enjoy, delight.
I’m dreaming, now in the light.

Dreamer of Dreams

I’ve begun to think of life as a dream. I am therefore the creator as well as experiencer of my existence. My wandering mind sets the stage while introducing a cavalcade of characters. This is a lucid dream, one in which I’m aware and able to influence. Yet I’m more often lost to the narrative before me, allowing the story to meander as it will.

But this directionlessness isn’t always satisfying. My mind wants to be constantly entertained, so in a pinch it’ll select a cheap thrill to rouse itself, living by the motto: anything is better than boredom. My mind regrets these low-quality selections of course, getting the equivalent of a tummy-ache from the lack of nutritiousness.

What I need instead, is to fill my head with wholesomeness. One such mental-vegetable is the concept of oneness, the deconstruction of my sense-of-self, egolessness. It’s stepping back a bit from my character, seeing him as just part of the show, not some super fragile shell that needs constant protection from imagined calamity.

To perform this deconstruction, I’ll have to remove the border I perceive between myself and existence. I’ll need to reinforce the idea that “I” and everything are one. To tear down the wall of “me”, I can regularly imagine my body dispersing into particles, flowing through the aether, formless yet present, a costume to be discarded at will — for I am a dreamer of dreams.

Conveyor of Obstacles

When we load up a video-game, we’re essentially saying: please throw shit in my face while I repeatedly attempt to wipe it off. And if you haven’t picked up on it yet, that’s what life is: an obstacle course — life presents a series of hurdles for us to leap over. And really, it doesn’t matter what the particular obstacles are, the point is to keep jumping.

Picture it this way: there’s a field full of obstacles before us, it’s a bit of mess with different paths of hurdles strewn all about. If we find ourselves overwhelmed by a particular set of obstacles, then we should evaluate our course and readjust as necessary. We can change our focus and alter our perspective in order to design the most palatable path.

Again, the point is to remain active and interested — specific obstacles don’t matter, there will always be more obstacles. In a video-game, the overall goal is to have fun — each game comes with artificial obstacles that keep us amused for the time being. And just like a video-game, life is for entertainment purposes only, mere flickering pixels that shouldn’t be taken more seriously than warranted.

Come to Light

Sit back, relax, lose all focus of self.
Pixels mixing, forget borders existing.
Particles deconstructing, blending as one.
Flowing through space occupied by all.
Drifting upon warmth of light from golden hues.
Witnessing the illusion of a sparkling spectacle.
A sight that never was but always is — a fiction.
Embrace a show acted out by its audience.
Focusing on whatever pleases, ignoring the rest.
Striving to stay the path that excites delight.
Breathe away the solidity of self, in, out.
Revealing the truth of an existential funhouse.

Virtuality Update

It’s been about 45 days since I started my virtuality experiment. It does feel a bit strange at times to consider that the world is an artificial construct. Existence isn’t a naturally occurring phenomenon? There’s an underlying narrative and artificiality that maintains it? The more I look, the more I see it too. As part of the experiment, I’m bathed in thoughts of virtuality so it’s self-reinforcing.

Ideally I suppose I want to set my life in the right direction, then forget about all this, then just carelessly play on the playground. By right direction, I mean a positive path filled with merriment. I’m kinda done with the whole pessimist lifestyle of gloom and doom — it just doesn’t match up with what I see anymore — but those default thoughts still linger.

Life hasn’t tried too hard to push me off this path either. But funny enough, ha, I might be going on a trip very soon. It’s a sudden change of plans. Or rather, I had no plans and now I unexpectedly do have plans. Perhaps life is back to its old tricks of attempting to captivate my attention? It does seem suspicious….

But even funnier, ha, is that life is directing me to go to my childhood happy-place. I was adamant about not going back there because I wasn’t pleased when I last left, nor was I interested in such a long journey — yet now I’m headed back there. My friend said, maybe life just wants me to love that place again — I thought that seemed like a reasonable explanation.

Gentle Reminder

It can be initially unsettling to contemplate that life is a constructed circumstance. But the irrationality of the world makes so much more sense under dream-logic. Existence is an artificial adventure, and that’s a good thing because randomness is a scary proposition (as anything could happen to anybody at anytime).

Initially it’s a little unsettling to die in video-games. But once you get used to it, it’s nothing, respawning is just part of the fun. We charge into virtual battles without any concern for our character’s well-being. So imagine what this life would be like to an infinite being that simply respawns upon death? Especially one feeling particularly daring one day.

Brutality isn’t so brutal when it’s formed by flickering pixels. But part of the fun in games comes from full immersion, becoming our character. Yet how would an infinite all-knowing being become a simple character — only through trickery and obfuscation. So we don’t know who we are by design — yet it’s difficult to fully mask the obvious.

If we stop and stare we can perceive it, the structure underlying existence. But the only real reason to do so is to remind ourselves of life’s lighthearted nature. Sometimes we need the reminder to know it’s only a game, to relax. Life is on our side, a grand entertainer, a ringmaster captivating our senses with a dazzling three-ring circus. Enjoy the show.